Image Interiors & Living

I've had a pretty good morning so far. The house is quiet. I've had time for a coffee and a mooch at some blogs, which is a pretty rare opportunity these days with the boys usually clambering around. The youngest is crawling now and making great pace, which is both fun and a terrifying health and safety issue. Anyway, all is well. I'm blessed.

With all of this headspace to focus, I remembered some extra images I had from the festive Image Interiors and Living shoot. What a lovely experience that was. So relaxed, yet really productive and very creative. I'm delighted with the results. Nathalie Marquez Courtney is one talented lady.

The Christmas issue of Image Interiors and Living is still on sale, check it out for some fabulous inspiration. And we made the cover!!

All photos by Nathalie Marquez Courtney.